Sunday, April 24, 2011

Black Jersey Dress

This black ribbed dress has velcro along the entire back and a small pocket in the front. The outfit consists of the long sleeved dress, silky fur scarf, hat and black boots.

Ice Skating Outfit

This skating outfit is made from a stretch sparkly material. The outfit has 3 snaps on the back with the skirt attached. The ice skates complete this outfit. The hair bow is an additional $2.50.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty in Pink

This pink outfit comes with the velcro back long shirt, white leggings, and white furry boots that zip up the inside. The hair accessory is an additional $2.50

Pink Shirt and Jeans Outfit

This outfit comes with jeans, long shirt, shrug and shoes. The jeans have an elastic waist and matching cuffs with the shirt. The shirt has a snap closure on the back, but the denim shrug does not have any closures. The outfit is complete with white tennis shoes.

Valentine Dress

This Valentine dress could be worn for any occasion, not just for Valentine's Day. The dress has snaps on the back, but the shrug does not have any closures. The outfit is complete with the red shoes. The hair accessory is an additional $2.50.

Hair Bows and Pony Tail Holders

$2.50 These hair ribbons come in a variety of colors. All of the clips have gmc floss strung through the centers twice and hot glued at the top and bottom. The clips are also hot glued to the bottoms making the clips very durable. The pony tail holders are made with the thick, heavy duty bands. Hair clips with three or more different colors are and additional $.50. I have also made little pig tail holders for toddler age girls that are super cute.

Zebra Print Outfits

$12.00 Dress
$15.00 Long Shirt and Leggings
These zebra print outfits are super cute with the matching shoes. The dress and long shirt have velcro back closures along the entire back making it easy to get on and off. The shirt outfit comes with red leggings, but white are also available. The hair accessory on the doll with the shirt outfit is an additional $2.50 and is red, white, and black.